Explore your data.

Instantly visualize and explore small to medium datasets right in your browser.


Drag and drop

Quickly assemble and change your visualization with drag-and-drop. Drag dataset columns onto dimension "trays" to build a chart.


Find the right chart

Bar charts, line charts, histograms, subplots, scatter plots - PlottingTool supports most standard charts and lets you fluidly switch between them.


Keep your data local

The app runs completely locally, in your browser tab. Your data never leaves your computer.

Edit and transform

Use the table view to inspect and edit your dataset in both raw and aggregated form.  Quickly add derived columns, pivot the dataset up or down, or join another dataset.

Publish your results

Save your final plot to our servers and embed it on your website, or download the plot and host it yourself.

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Loading PlottingTool...